Revision, just like note taking, can be a very personal activity. No one shoe fits every foot, and so too not every strategy will suit every learner. The purpose of revising is to cement learning in the mind, and is a practice that is not just important prior to an exam, but throughout the learning process. Below are three strategies worth trying. 

Flashcards and Quizzes

Creating handmade flashcards and quizzing oneself remains one of the most popular strategies for revision. With the assistance of technology cut up paper and pens can be replaced with apps and online tools. This strategy is great for information recall, but is not necessarily of beneficial for the practice of skills like analysis or evaluation.



Minute Teaching

One effective method of revising is to teach another person the topic. By putting together all the significant information about a topic, but then condensing/summarising the learning so that it fits into just one minute, helps with practicing summarising skills as well as providing insight into what areas require further revision.